Why Annisquam Arts?

Annisquam Arts has been a summer staple in the lives of families for over 20 years. Taught and run consistently by a practicing artist and long-time educator, Annisquam Arts has seen students return summer after summer. Annisquam Arts combines the highest quality of instruction and materials with the most innovative and fun projects. Through art, Annisquam Arts build confidence and forges friendships. We approach art-making in a way that makes it accessible to every level of ability; students need not have any prior experience to participate, and are encouraged to experiment and try new things! Your child will soar creatively, while making works that you'll truly want to hang on the walls of your home. Whether your child is already passionate about art or is expressing interest for the first time, Annisquam Arts is uniquely positioned to help them to find and nurture their individual visual perspective, fine-motor skills, and visual vocabulary.

What does a typical day look like?

Sample Schedule*

9:00 AM Drop off at Annisquam Arts, students gather together to learn about the day's artist/thematic and associated project

9:00 AM Set up in small groups and work on their projects

10:30 AM Snack-time & take a break

10:45 AM Continue working on project, or transition to another project or activity

12:00 PM Lunch-time in or outdoors with supervised play

12:30 PM Wrap up the day's work and hang their work to dry or archive in their developing portfolio

1:00 PM Pick up

* Tuesday or Wednesday is beach day! This is weather dependent. We leave the studio at 11:00 AM and eat lunch at Lighthouse Beach. We are back at the studio by 12:45 PM

* Thursday is ice-cream day! We have sweet treats at the studio after lunch.

Do the kids have breaks?

Yes, we build in two specific breaks for a snack and for lunchtime. We have enough instructors and interns that students may take breaks as frequently and for as long as they need.

Is my six-year-old too young?

Your six-year-old is definitely not too young! Projects are scaled and modified appropriately for each age and level of ability. Everyone works from the same inspiration and assignment, but the materials, tools, or techniques will be altered accordingly.

Is my 13-year-old too old?

Your 13-year-old will have a blast! Kids usually sit with their peers, so your older child will be surrounded by others in their age group. We also like to give older students the opportunity to take on leadership roles or help younger students––this creates a really harmonious environment.

Do you go swimming when you have lunch on the beach?

If the water is warm enough, students are allowed to wade in up to their waists. We have interns and instructors vigilantly on watch and with students at all times.

Will my child learn anything or is it more of a playtime?

We've heard from parents that their child created more artwork in a summer than they did all year at school. Every project stems from an established artist, movement, or technique in art history, and students will pick up on the vocabulary and concepts through hands-on, experiential learning. In our twenty years of experience, we've learned that kids really appreciate the unique opportunity to work within a professional studio with high quality materials––they rise to the level of sophistication of their surroundings and produce exceptional work while having fun and making friends.


All Workshops Held at Dawn’s Home Studio, along Goose Cove at

63 Bennett Street South
Gloucester, MA 01930
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